So, just how did the elephant get its trunk or the leopard its spots? The Elephant’s Child was my favourite of Kipling’s Just So StoriesI was a curious wee creature and this bedtime tale captured my imagination. But what has that to do with Noble Ox?

Just So with Noble Ox Marketing

Insatiable curiosity

As with many great words, I remember the excitement of learning ‘insatiable’ and ‘curiosity’.  After all, it was the elephant calf’s ‘satiable curtiosity’ that led to adventure. Around this time, I was also told I had a ‘vivid imagination’.  Yet more excitement! Being ‘blessed’ with a curious nature and vivid imagination means I never get bored.  
On a professional level, it drives Noble Ox. Yes, I always have my marketing experience to hand BUT this would be of little use without curiosity and imagination.
Curiosity feeds the interest in discovering all there is to know about a project: the who, why, what and how.  It urges me to ask the right questions and, importantly, listen to the answers. From there, imagination helps the creative juices flow, exploring and shaping the potential ways in which a brand, concept, product or project can be brought to life.

Variety is the spice

Such focus energises Noble Ox as we work hard with a great variety of projects on the go.  Our client base varies too, as we continue to attract people who want to deliver excellence and connect with target audiences in a meaningful way. Just how we like it! 
More on the latest projects in the New Year as, one by one, they come to fruition.  Meanwhile, to satisfy your own curiosity, keep an eye on the Noble Ox marketing track record and the Noble Oxtale archive.
Thank you for your continued support of Noble Ox.
Illustration credit:Rudyard Kipling: The Elephant’s Child, illustration from ‘Just So Stories’.  British Library Add. MS 59840, f.35. Copyright © The British Library Board
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