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The first twenty years of my professional life were spent walking the walk. Now Noble Ox is being invited to talk the talk. But beware the C word…

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When establishing Noble Ox, I was determined to position everything we did as the antidote to marketing ‘consultants’. Having spent the first half of my career on the other side of the fence, I have had my fair share of consultants!

Based in reality

Even now, several years down the line, I still wince slightly when Noble Ox is asked to be the ‘consultant’ on a project. We always work extra hard to reassure that what we do will be useful, based in reality and action-orientated. At that point, the clients’ sighs of relief are often quite loud and heartfelt.

Brand Marketing Workshops and Mentoring

What I didn’t envisage was that this Noble Ox approach to the ‘C word’ would develop into a trusted reputation for training and mentoring. Given the steadily increasing demand for these services, however, it feels the right time to talk up this side of our business a wee bit more.

Here are a few highlights to show you what we mean:

As we reach the end of our third year as a key partner supporting the Melting Pot’s Social Innovation Incubation Award, we’re planning next year’s programme of Noble Ox workshops and monthly mentoring. Last year, we added the ‘Website Essentials’ workshop to the programme. This went down really well alongside the existing ‘Ignite your Brand’ workshop.

We’re also proud of our more recent partnership with Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation. For this we helped design and deliver Eco-branding Workshops as part of the Centre’s Skills Development Scotland programme.

Meanwhile, we continue to strengthen our relationship with Social Enterprise Scotland exploring ways in which Noble Ox can support existing and start up businesses.

Tailor-Made Brand Marketing Training

Since September 2014, we’ve been getting well and truly stuck in with a longer term brand and marketing training programme with one of Scotland’s leading social enterprises.

So far, this has included a group brand workshop to bring teams together, followed by a service review across every department. Now we’re working on a focussed training and mentoring exercise with each team to develop detailed marketing action plans that are both ambitious and realistic.

It’s a joy to do it all in the right order and to see an organisation starting to embrace and embed a joined-up brand and marketing approach.

Rocket Science

We all know it’s not rocket science. But most folk do recognise that developing or boosting your in-house brand and marketing expertise drives your company’s growth.

Importantly, it also makes life easier! For more information and client feedback, check out the Noble Ox Brand Marketing Training Mentoring services.

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