“The sessions with Noble Ox were enlightening and helped me and my team focus on the ‘homework’ in between.  I run two services and find the brand DNA and marketing plans are making life easier.  What’s more, I’m already getting more business through the door.” Steven Quinn – McSence Training and Conference Centre Manager

“Noble Ox has been brilliant in helping us articulate who we are with confidence.” Alison Urie – Vox Liminis

“It is a pleasure and a privilege to have Noble Ox as a Partner on our Incubation Programme. Charlotte brings a wealth of experience, benefiting the Awardees greatly. They all love working with her! Noble Ox has had a huge positive impact on the way they portray and brand their organisations” Mohammad Abushaaban – The

“Charlotte is a rare marketing talent. She combines great sensitivity for brands and products with a deeply creative instinct. Noble Ox presents brands with great integrity but also with a sense of fun and pleasure.” Richard Gordon – The Scotch Malt Whisky Society

“Establishing a new entity is a daunting prospect, so working with Noble Ox has been brilliant. We knew we were in safe hands from the start. Listening with sensitivity and perception, Charlotte led us through the branding process. From there, Noble Ox devised a bold, robust online approach and delivered a fantastic visual identity and

“Charlotte probably doesn’t realise how incredibly helpful she was in helping us distil the key messages and prioritise the work the GOES Foundation is undertaking. She has boundless energy and patience. Her time management and focus helped us deliver on a tight timeline, she even managed to make it fun!“ Dr Howard Dryden – GOES

“From the outset it was clear that Noble Ox was the only agency for the job. The J-word was an ambitious, multi-layered project involving a complex brief, crazy timescales and many stakeholders. Charlotte led the process with dedication and clear decision-making, whilst giving us the fresh perspective and creativity that was so needed. Noble Ox’s

“LINK is an international development NGO and Noble Ox has shown an intrinsic understanding and sensitivity of the value and importance of our work and the audience for which it is created.” Dr. Samantha Ross – LINK

“Noble Ox made a real and positive impact on ELGT, guiding us through a branding process to help us come up with a clear picture of who we are and how we wish others to see us. Charlotte has been great to work with. We’d recommend Noble Ox to anyone who wants to take a

“Noble Ox has a structured process that helped us not just develop our brand, but understand our identity so that our brand truly reflected our positioning, values and vision. We’re very proud of the brand we developed with Noble Ox. It’s professional but exciting, and it gives us confidence in our business development.” Dr Cameron

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