Take centre stage

Do you captivate your audience?  If so, how? First, attract attention!  Then, spark an interest. Finally, ignite the desire to take action. Now, you are centre stage.
Centre Stage with Noble Ox

For the first ten years of my marketing career, my job was to attract and develop audiences for the Arts.  ‘Getting bums on seats’ with shoestring budgets was hard work and I loved it. 

My work was inspired by the limitless energy and commitment the artistic teams invested in bringing stories to life.  With such skill and imagination, they harnessed their strong desire to connect and share their story in a way that had a lasting impact on audiences. 

Horse power

A few years ago, Michael Morpurgo met a First World War veteran in his local pub. The author’s imagination was fired by the stories the old man told of the horses he went to war alongside.

Fast forward to December 2010, I received my own copy of War Horse by Michael Morpurgo for Christmas. Delighted and excited, I read it with relish.

Forward again to December 2011 and the very front row of the stalls at the New London Theatre.  War Horse is alive and kicking, this time right in front of me.  Just inches away from the action, I see, hear and feel every detail of the National Theatre’s truly amazing production, a powerful experience that will stay with me forever.

A glimpse at the ‘Making of War Horse’ documentary reveals the incredible lengths the artistic team go to as they bring the author’s words to life.  Now Spielberg is taking his turn to breathe new life into War Horse and the story will be shared with a global audience.

In the spotlight

Whatever your product or service, I believe lessons can be learnt from this creative desire to bring concepts and stories to life.

Are you connecting and making an impact in a way that does justice to what you do and the people with whom you want to do business? For example, how much energy do you invest in the words you use and the images you present?    
Given the rather grey, grim economic backdrop against which we play, there is no better time to shine the spotlight on what you do and bring your brand to life.
We’d love to help, so contact Noble Ox to discuss how to take centre stage and captivate your audience in the year to come.
PS Thank you to the National Theatre for kind permission to use Simon Annan’s photography.
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