ELGT Brand strategy and marketing

In early 2012, Noble Ox won its second Vodafone Foundation World of Difference award. This time, we wanted to dedicate our time and expertise to local environmental charity, the Edinburgh & Lothians Greenspace Trust (ELGT).

ELGT and Noble Ox Marketing

ELGT believes that quality local green spaces have a positive impact on the health and well-being of individuals. The Trust’s inspiring and imaginative programme of environmental and community projects works for the benefit of people, wildlife, landscape and heritage.

The Noble Ox brief

Thanks to the Vodafone World of Difference award, ELGT was able to commission Noble Ox to project manage a range of initiatives in the run up to the Trust’s 21st anniversary celebrations. This included a strategic project to review overall presentation and communication.

ELGT Brand definition

Noble Ox worked with ELGT two days a week for four months; from the start, we agreed that the priority was to review overall presentation and communication. To do this, Noble Ox recommended a brand definition exercise to revisit and redefine the Trust’s origins, ethos, credentials and approach. This disciplined process ensured clear differentiation, identifying target audiences and, importantly, the relationship with them.

Noble Ox facilitated the process, bringing the team together with a mix of workshops, informal discussions and some lateral thinking exercises.  The project united the team as Noble Ox distilled the feedback to create ELGT’s Brand DNA, breathing new life into the Trust’s tone of voice, defining overall brand vision, mission and market positioning.

Running parallel to the internal exercise, Noble Ox coordinated online quantitative and qualitative research into perceptions of ELGT amongst key audiences. This research helped inform and reinforce the brand approach.

ELGT is now equipped with an essential internal brand tool to provide strong definition and a confident touchstone for future decision-making, communication and presentation. This will make life easier for the team, future colleagues and, in turn, their audiences.[/two_third_last]

ELGT On and offline marketing support

The Brand DNA project helped pave the way for a range of tactical campaigns including:

  • 21st birthday – a tone of voice and identity for the Trust’s anniversary celebrations
  • Website review – a review and tidy up to improve key messages and user paths through ELGT’s website
  • Marketing bits and bobs – Noble Ox created a few leaflets and posters to help out along the way

Client feedback

“Noble Ox made a real and positive impact on ELGT, guiding us through a branding process to help us come up with a clear picture of who we are and how we wish others to see us. The Noble Ox time with us has been hugely valuable, from a strategic perspective, but also on a very practical level too with Charlotte throwing herself into a number of on and offline projects. She’s been great to work with – practical, insightful, hard-working – and a great deal of fun. We’d recommend Noble Ox to anyone who wants to take a no-nonsense approach to marketing their organisation.”
Liz Stewart, ELGT’s Fundraising & Communications Manager

Noble Ox first won the Vodafone Foundation World of Difference award in 2010, working with The John Muir Trust on a number of on and offline marketing projects.

ELGT Vodafone and Noble Ox

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