Fit for the job

For a brand marketing agency that loves to write (is there any other kind?), our work for London-based PerformancePro is like a gift. And, Noble Ox is more than fit for the job!

We’ve been working together since 2016. As a result, the relationship we’ve forged reflects and delivers so much more than the sum of its parts.

Noble Ox Fit for the Job


PerformancePro’s state-of-the-art athlete grade gym and personal training centre relaunched in January 2016.

By the time we met, they had their gym, brand and website up and running. What they needed now was a trusted pair of hands to help bring their brand to life online. The Noble Ox mission was to create and deliver regular campaigns via posts on the website and joined up email and social media activity.

Intelligent fitness – fit for the job

Noble Ox was recommended to PerformancePro by our good friends and creative partners Frank Design. Before we accepted the job, I wanted to meet the guys and get a feel for what they were really about. After all, certain aspects of the fitness industry and its bandwagons are almost as dubious as the dodgier side of the brand marketing industry!

To be honest, it’s unlikley Frank Design would have recommended Noble Ox if there was any whiff of that, but a ‘chemistry meet’ is always a good idea. I also suggested we threw in a fitness consultation whilst we were at it so I could get a feel for their approach. I think our new potential client appreciated my genuine interest, so I packed my gym kit and notebook and headed for London’s West End.

A good fit from the start

From the moment I walked into PerformancePro, it was clear the guys cared about what they did and wanted to differentiate their service from the mainstream. We shared a no-nonsense approach and a very real desire to be honest about what and how we communicated. I liked them and their down-to-earth enthusiasm was contagious.

The topline Noble Ox brief included:

  • support launch of the new PerformancePro website
  • deliver new client target every month via a sustained digital marketing approach
  • help support client retention via online affinity building

The three PerformancePro directors were very open to the recommended Noble Ox approach which included:

  • recce of local area, a personal training consultation, meeting the team and and some existing clients
  • audit and review of all existing and launch content including imagery and media coverage to date
  • review of the new website with recommendations to improve prior to launch
  • database/twitter/FB recce to inform digital approach
  • devise recommended digital approach to support the launch event
  • pre and post launch support with, 4 x joined-up weekly email, mini-blog and supporting SM campaigns to drive traffic (therefore search engines) to key areas of the new website
  • preparation of future content approach including the first 6 x monthly campaign themes

Day to day with PerformancePro

Following the success of the launch, Noble Ox quickly settled into the day to day activity required. This focusses on the creation, roll out and monitoring of one or two monthly blog and email campaigns amplified via weekly social media.

The guys at PerformancePro know their stuff so there’s endless inspiration for creating and building upon a growing archive of Fitness Insights. Noble Ox also writes team, client and partner profiles on a regular basis. We enjoy interviewing people and getting to the real stories behind the brand.

With regular editorial meetings, Noble Ox helps shape PerformancePro’s content calendar by joining up themes and ensuring some pre-planning.  Wherever possible, we make life and decision-making easier for the client! And we’re always at the end of the phone for those last minute requests.

“The synergy between Noble Ox and PerformancePro was immediately apparent. The speed at which Noble Ox assimilated who we were and what we do cemented a strong relationship early on. Listening and ‘realising’ our usually jumbled briefs has proved key in our growth plan. The quality of our relationship has meant honesty is always welcome, as we work together to overcome hurdles, solve problems and deliver.”
Dan Boulle – PerformancePro Founder and Director

“Working with Noble ox has moved our business up a gear, we now understand how digital marketing can influence potential customers into sales.”
Anthony Purcell – PerformancePro Founder and Director

It’s genuinely a pleasure to work with PerformancePro and interesting to learn about the world of health and fitness. Needless to say, I also took on board the feedback from that initial personal fitness consultation. Over the last couple of years, I’ve invested a little more time and effort into keeping more than Noble Ox fit for the job!

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