Snuggle up with Ava Innes

Sleeping under cashmere feels as good as it sounds. So the opportunity to support the launch of Ava Innes was a dream job for Noble Ox.

A sustainable luxury product with cashmere credentials and the opportunity to work with leading entrepreneur and Bespoke Fabrics creative director Joan Johnston?

Of course, we said yes!

Ava Innes - Snuggle up with Noble Ox

Ava Innes – the Noble Ox brief

Once again, Noble Ox was recommended following our successful and enjoyable work with Clean Water Wave. Deadlines were tight, so we worked quickly with Joan to identify how best Noble Ox could help. The brief was as follows:

Brand definition for Ava Innes – to establish strong, confident positioning and tone of voice

Brochure copywriting and video script – following the brand definition, Noble Ox wrote the Ava Innes launch brochure and video script

Website content creation and keyword approach – in line with brand definition and digital strategy

Sleeping under cashmere

From start to finish, this job was a joy. Not only did we learn a thing or two about cashmere and the traditional Afghan and Mongolian goat herders, we also discovered more about the textile industry in Scotland and Yorkshire.

Thanks to Joan’s knowledge, experience and passion, we had so much to work with. There was such a story to tell.

When it came to the brand definition, the challenge was to distil and fine tune. The aim is to find that golden thread of language that would engage, differentiate and resonate with the target audience.

An extract from Ava Innes Brand Definition,

The search for sustainable luxury is shared by many of us. It’s a quest that lies at the heart of AVA INNES and is woven into every layer of our beautiful bedding.

For AVA INNES, luxury is defined by ‘doing good, by doing better.’ It’s about the quality and sustainability of the natural materials we use and the relationships we forge, from supporting traditional cashmere goat herders, to textile workers closer to home and all those enjoying the simple luxury of sleeping under cashmere.

AVA INNES is based in Elgin, home of Scotland’s renowned cashmere industry. We take great pride in honouring this traditional craft, as we champion a fresh ethical perspective within the industry and lead the way with the first cashmere duvet, made in the UK.

Ava Innes sustainable luxury, natural integrity

Once established, the rest of the project flows naturally from the brand definition. It was great to see how well it worked when it came to writing the brochure and video script. We were able to weave in the threads of language which were now accompanied by very beautiful imagery.

For the website, we teased out further threads as we researched the best selection of keywords and keyword phrases to use. We then blended these effectively into the content we developed so that the Ava Innes website would work well with humans and search engines!

Joan was very happy to share her thoughts on working with Noble Ox,

“From the first phone call meeting, I realised Charlotte understood who we were and what we wanted to be. Over a tight timescale, she constructed our brand definition, developed the tone of voice and helped articulate our values. This led onto the content for our brochure, a promotional video and content for our website.

“Charlotte was a delight to work with. I have no hesitation in recommending Noble Ox.”

Snuggle up with the Ava Innes Brochure 2019 and find out more about sleeping under cashmere…

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