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One of the best things about being Noble Ox is the opportunity to help hothouse new talent.  Since 2010, we have helped over sixty fledgling social enterprises.

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Noble Ox is a small business with a big conscience, and we find the most useful way to give back is through our programme of pro bono Brand DNA workshops and 1-2-1 marketing surgeries.

A new batch of social enterprises

Our continued support of The Melting Pot’s (SIIA) is a great example of this.  Noble Ox has been a partner in this ground-breaking initiative since its inception in 2011.  And, having just helped hatch this year’s batch, we’re delighted to announce we’re already warming up to invest time and energy in next year’s programme.  The application process for SIIA 2014-15 is now underway and the closing date is 6pm Mon 30 June, so please help spread the word.

In the meantime, here’s some of the feedback about Noble Ox from this year’s programme:

“It is a pleasure and a privilege to have Charlotte (Noble Ox) as a Partner on our Incubation Programme. She brings a wealth of experience to the Programme, benefiting the Awardees greatly.  They all love working with her! Noble Ox has had a huge positive impact on the way the Awardees portray & brand their organisation – thanks Charlotte!”
Mohammad Abushaaban – SIIA Co-ordinator

“Support from Noble Ox has been brilliant in helping us articulate who we are with confidence.”
Alison Urie Vox Liminis

“A HUGE THANK YOU for your help and encouragement with developing Great 4 Good CIC. I really enjoyed our sessions and found them enormously useful.”
Karen Leigh Anderson

“Your approach and enthusiasm with Noble Ox has been brilliant, you have been fantastic at getting me to think about exactly what it is I want to say and how to say it.  Your no-nonsense approach meant a lot to me… I would highly recommend Noble Ox to all.”
Lorna Wynn – Change2Wynn

Spreading our wings

The diversity, energy and vision of these social entrepreneurs reveal a sector that is so full of potential yet often misunderstood and, therefore, underestimated.  As with many organisations whose intentions are good and ambitions are great, Social Enterprises need help in presenting themselves, creating an impact and competing in the market place.

Raising our profile within the sector, Noble Ox is also a member of Social Enterprise Scotland and has partnered with Firstport and the Social Enterprise Academy with a range of initiatives and cost effective brand marketing packages.

Delivering inspiration, driving prosperity

So, in addition to providing hardworking marketing across traditional business and services, Noble Ox continues to invest in the UK’s burgeoning Social Enterprise sector, identifying great new opportunities to create and deliver inspiration to ensure existing and future customers drive brands and prosperity.

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