Instinctively Wild –
Brand Identity and Website Design

It was a smart move for the client to include Noble Ox in the early stages of the project; this meant we could hit the ground running. Keeping his muddy feet firmly on the ground, our client Pete Carthy wanted to redefine and reshape ‘environmental education’.

Instinctively-Wild by nature with Noble Ox

The Noble Ox Brief

Borders Environmental Education Services (BEES) had ‘outgrown’ its name so commissioned Noble Ox to help.  For Pete Carthy, BEES catalyst and founder, his ambition to find new ways to reconnect people through nature has always burned brightly.

We helped Pete with his Enterprise Ready funding application in the autumn, so when BEES won the award in January 2014 we were ready to get started.  The Noble Ox brief was to deliver the new Brand Identity and Website Design as follows:

  • Project scoping and definition to clarify brief and agree approach, timescales and budgets
  • Brand definition including brand workshop and creation of Brand DNA tool
  • Name Generation and creation of a strong, hard-working Visual Identity
  • Creation of Marketing Toolkit for roll out
  • Creation of Digital Marketing approach to include website build
  • Approach for Re-launch

Instinctively Wild Brand Identity

We kick-started the project with our Brand DNA workshop with the team.  A full turn out with a mix of board members, frontline employees and volunteers sparked great energy and a huge amount of feedback giving Noble Ox plenty to work with.

Refining and defining the organisation’s brand was a real pleasure; finding a language and tone of voice to connect on a human level whilst differentiating the organisation within the crowded environmental education landscape.

The momentum and enthusiasm sparked by the Brand workshop spread like wild fire when it came to finding a name, with lots of suggestions flying like wild sparks.  But discipline was needed to make sure the name and then Visual Identity worked hard in reflecting the Brand DNA, ensuring the organisation stood out from the crowd.  Instinctively Wild was born!

Digital Marketing Approach and Website Design

Taking all the groundwork done to date, Noble Ox researched then scoped a detailed digital brief to include:

  • Overall scoping process including definition of online objectives, target audiences, key messages
  • Devise page hierarchy and overall SEO platform
  • Creative concept and page by page content guidelines

The Big Reveal – Showcase Event

Last but not least, Noble Ox recommended the client re-launch with a showcase event, providing a ‘joined-up’ brief to make sure the Brand was central with consistent key messages to showcase and communicate the very best of Instinctively Wild.

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