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The Joy of Ox

As with the recent Noble Oxtale-Now We are Six, we’ve been waiting for the right moment to use this cheeky wee title for a Noble Ox blog. 

Well, why not? We’re all grownups!

The day job is a joy. Really?

There are good days and there are bad days in any job. But on the whole, Noble Ox enjoys far more good days than bad. So much so, it really can be a joy.  

Award judging

Earlier this month, Noble Ox was invited to help judge this year’s Social Enterprise Awards. This involved a day sifting through the shortlist and reading a fantastic range of applications from across Scotland. The afternoon then spent discussing and debating with the rest of the judging panel was really interesting. It was great that Noble Ox could help. A joy, in fact.

Proof of the pudding

Over the past 12 months, Noble Ox has been leading a project to create brand definition, facilitate a service review and embed marketing planning across an organisation. As the process involves various departments, we’ve been staggering the approach. This means those who started first have already completed the programme. Now every time I visit, I get an enthusiastic update on progress made. It’s quite rare to see a marketing plan actually being used, let alone used enthusiastically. This too is a joy.

Testing Miles Davis

The task of testing a website isn’t usually associated with the ‘J word’. Doing so with Miles Davis, however, can make it so… well almost! The album Kind of Blue is THE perfect soundtrack for the job. The not-too-mellow sounds get me into the swing but not overly relaxed; don’t want to miss those niggly bits when testing a user path or call to action. Then, if a part of the website isn’t right, frustrations are soothed so I can stay cool, troubleshoot and feedback succinctly. The joy of jazz and a job well done!

‘Much-loved Noble Ox’

Yes, Noble Ox was actually described as ‘much-loved’ at this year’s graduation of the Social Innovation Incubation Award at the Melting Pot. As the Ox prepares to support the programme for the fourth year running, we couldn’t be happier!

Discover the Joy of Ox…

So, there you go, The Joy of Ox where words like marketing, joy and job well done really can belong in the same sentence! Contact us to discuss how this Noble Ox approach can make a difference for you, your brand and your target audiences. Thanks for reading  

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