Content with Noble OxMore than content?

Are you content with your content? Happy even?

We’re happy and more than content that the ‘art’ of marketing has evolved over the years.

Way back when, it involved writing the occasional direct mail letter and press release. A blank sheet, a handful of key messages and a database were the tools of the trade. Not to mention endless envelope stuffing!

The skill was in attracting attention and whetting your appetite, just enough to persuade you to take action and ‘Buy Now!’

Today, we’re aiming to keep your attention for longer because we’re not just trying to sell you something. In fact, everything Noble Ox does goes way beyond trying to get our clients’ clients to simply buy now.

Happy content generation

This Noble Ox service has evolved very naturally and happily over the years and is a great fit for us and our clients.

In true Noble Ox style, we provide a welcome and refreshing antidote to the bog standard and sometimes quite sinister world of content and SEO (search engine optimisation) management. No doubt you too have seen the ads promising so many words and articles generated on your behalf, guaranteeing stratospheric search engine results!

As ever, the antidote to this pervasive cynical nonsense is an effective quality-not-quantity approach.

Before a single word is written, we need to consider and define your objectives, target audiences and, most importantly, your brand tone of voice. How else will you differentiate and stand out from the crowd in a meaningful and memorable way?

We’re all content consumers

Commissioning a third party to write about and present your organisation to the online world is a risk. Those words and images on your website or timelines are the first point of contact for many people and first impressions last. Equally important, your words an d images need to help build a dialogue and ongoing relationship with your existing audiences too.

We’re all pretty sophisticated consumers now and our expectations are informed and discerning. So if you want to have a meaningful and respectful relationship with your online audiences, we would recommend that being content with your content isn’t good enough.

You need to be happy and reassured that you’re in safe and trusted hands.

More than happy with Noble Ox

As you can tell, we feel strongly about this no-nonsense hardworking Noble Ox mission.  When it comes to researching, writing, curating, managing and presenting content on behalf of our clients, Noble Ox really does go the extra mile.

Many ingredients including extensive desk research, media scanning and interviews with real humans go into the mix to inform drafting and keyword wrangling. Then there’s the painstaking formatting and testing across the multitude of platforms.

It takes care and creativity to make your content look good and engage target audiences, whilst ensuring it’s also working hard with the search engines behind the scenes.

Phew! As you can see, whether refreshing your website and/or managing blog, email and social media campaigns, it’s about much more than content.

Bringing your brand to life

Noble Ox loves content generation because it is one of the most powerful tools to bring your brand to life in an effective yet imaginative and human way.

Our role is to make life easier for our clients so they can get on with running their business. We enjoy the sense of relief when clients put their content management in our safe hands. We pride ourselves in their satisfaction when they see how Noble Ox can bring their brand to life way beyond the traditional frontline.

Good quality, effective content does much more than reach out to your target audiences; it unites your colleagues and associates behind your brand. It also plays an essential role in reinforcing your organisation’s credentials and substantiating your reputation.

So, how content are you?

Contact Noble Ox to discuss how to be happy with your brand to life.

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