never mind the Noble OxNever mind the…

I must have been nine when my brother returned home with his brand new Sex Pistols’ LP.

“What does the word bollocks mean?” I asked, with an insatiable curiosity that I’m glad to say has stayed with me.

My brother explained, equipping me with the anatomical and figurative definitions, both of which I have been using appropriately and to good effect ever since.

October 2010 marks the 33rd anniversary of the release of this, the Pistols’ only studio album.  So I thought it time to take the figurative definition and air some no-nonsense Noble Ox views…  

Pretty Vacant or Fully Engaged

Let’s face it, when people think ‘marketing’, they often think ‘bullshit’.  The whiff of bad marketing and ill-conceived communications can be detected a mile off, with the hollow sound of lazy clichés leaving your potential customers feeling ‘pretty vacant’ as Johnny Rotten would say!!

Throughout my marketing career, I’ve been fortunate to work with organisations that believe and take pride in the quality and presentation of their products and services.  In itself, that’s great but it has always been as important to me that they really want to engage, understand and serve their target audiences.

This commitment and respect for the target market sounds so obvious, but experience also demonstrates that this relationship can be neglected or taken for granted.

Sweet Smell of Success

Refreshingly, Noble Ox Marketing attracts an inspiring range of clients, all of which are driven by a great sense of quality and belief in what they do. 

Fortunately, they also want to create meaningful connections with their existing and potential audiences.  That’s where the no-nonsense, hard-working Noble Ox comes in and the sweet smell of success soon follows.

So, when you decide that now is time to pursue a no-nonsense approach to your marketing communications, take a moment to check out the Noble Ox Track Record. Then please remember the line Never Mind the Bollocks Here’s The Noble Ox

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