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Out in the field

Noble Ox enjoys working with people who want to enhance the quality of life.

In turn, we attract clients driven by the desire to deliver excellence and connect with audiences in a meaningful way.

So, in addition to providing hardworking marketing across traditional business and services, Noble Ox is investing in the UK’s dynamic and inspiring Social Enterprise sector.

Identifying the potential

The diversity, energy and vision of the social entrepreneurs I meet reveal a sector that is so full of potential yet often misunderstood and, therefore, underestimated.  As with many organisations whose intentions are good and ambitions are great, Social Enterprises need help in presenting themselves, creating an impact and connecting with current and potential target markets. 

Out in the field

Over the last 12 months, Noble Ox has been delivering a programme of pro bono marketing surgeries and workshops through associations with organisations such as the Edinburgh-based Melting Pot.  As a result, we have helped some 30 or so organisations kick start their marketing activity.  In April, Noble Ox was also commissioned to devise and host a branding workshop for students taking Social Enterprise Academy’s groundbreaking Social Enterprise MSc course at Glasgow Caledonian University.

Raising our profile within the sector, Noble Ox has joined the Social Enterprise Scotland, and become a partner with Firstport’s start up initiative, supporting social entrepreneurs by providing cost effective marketing packages.

Delivering inspiration, driving prosperity

So, as investment in the UK’s burgeoning Social Enterprise sector broadens the reach of Noble Ox, we identify great new opportunities to create and deliver inspiration, ensuring existing and future customers drive brands and prosperity.

From quick-win tactical and digital marketing to longer-term marketing planning, new product development and brand strategy, keep an eye on all things Noble Ox.

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