Shift 4 brand identity and website design

Noble Ox was approached by our design partners Frank Design to project manage an ambitious brand, corporate identity and website design project for Shift 4.

Shift 4 Broadcast facilities and Noble Ox

As one of the more established broadcast facilities companies in London, Shift 4 had recognised the need to bring style up to match the substance. Operating in a very competitive landscape, Shift 4 also needed to invest in their digital approach.

Taking the Bull by the Horns

Noble Ox led the process putting together a clear and competitive tender for the job.   The recommended Noble Ox approach was devised to define and deliver strong brand and marketing direction and support for Shift 4 to meet the following objectives:

  • Project scoping and definition to clarify brief, agreed approach, timescales and budgets
  • Brand definition including brand workshop and creation of Brand DNA tool
  • Creation of a strong, hard-working Visual Identity to flow from Brand DNA
  • Creation of Marketing Toolkit for roll out
  • Creation of Digital Marketing approach to include website build and launch

Brand and Corporate Identity

Having won the contract, Noble Ox kick started the project with a brand workshop in London.  The brand definition process was great and captured the client’s imagination enabling us to dig deep and get to the heart and soul of Shift 4.  In turn, the newly defined Brand DNA and desk research informed the creative brief for the Corporate Identity.

As ever, Frank Design pulled out the stops exploring various creative routes; the client was spoilt for choice!

Digital Marketing and Website Design

Meanwhile, Noble Ox continued work behind the scenes researching and scoping the digital brief.  The Noble Ox approach included:

  • Overall scoping process including definition of online objectives, target audiences, key messages
  • Devise page hierarchy and overall SEO platform
  • Creative concept and content development
  • Coordination of page build and testing
  • Site launch including digital marketing approach

Client Feedback

“Working with Noble Ox has been a thoroughly beneficial experience for Shift 4. Charlotte has helped us define our brand and relaunch our company, with a new logo, new website and new marketing material. She guided us through the Brand DNA process expertly, with patience, sensitivity and an ever listening ear. She was open to a collaborative approach and we worked well together to achieve a fully effective and impactful result. She was also an excellent project manager. Thank you Noble Ox –  Shift 4’s future is now looking brighter than ever.”
Amy Swan, Shift 4 Marketing and Business Development

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