Sledgehammer marketing

There are no sledgehammers in the Noble Ox toolbox, but hard-to-crack walnuts are always welcome! How many times have you heard it said that marketing is just common sense? At Noble Ox, we agree.

sledgehammer marketing Noble Oxtales

The misunderstood nature of the beast

We’re used to the challenge if folk are either cynically suspicious or overly zealous when some ‘marketing’ is on the horizon. Let’s face it, marketing is an often misunderstood beast with a bad ‘rep’!

The cynically suspicious are maybe waiting for recommendations to produce costly, yet ineffective glossy brochures or commission some highfaluting navel-gazing market research to inform the obvious.

What about the overly zealous? Perhaps they just want some sales through the door, whatever the cost. So they reckon some scattergun generic advertising will do the trick or a spiralling discount race to the bottom.

No doubt some cynicism is understandable, but Noble Ox doesn’t believe in painting with such broad strokes and we don’t do one-size-fits-all ‘flat pack’ marketing.   So let’s stick with the toolbox analogy and not tar all us marketing types with the same brush!

More often than not, Noble Ox attracts clients who care about what they do and want to build a more meaningful relationship with target audiences. We can either help boost your in-house marketing reource or you can leave it to us to make it happen.

What is in our toolbox?

No sledgehammers, so no sledgehammer marketing! Just a proven track record with a solid no-nonsense reputation grounded in over twenty years of tried and tested brand marketing experience. Oh yes, and shedloads of common sense.

Check out the contents of our toolbox at Noble Ox brand marketing and design services. Or, visit Noble Ox marketing training and mentoring to see how we can help develop or boost your in-house expertise.

So, whether you do or don’t have walnuts to crack, contact Noble Ox Marketing and we’ll size up the job. In doing so, we keep our feet on the ground and our pencil sharp with an ever-focused eye on your bottom line.

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