Blow your trumpet with Noble Ox

Blow your trumpet

Noble Ox is a modest Ox, helping others blow their trumpet comes more easily than self-promotion. 

We’ve been doing just that with clients who want to review, refresh and reboot. We’re helping them strengthen their positioning and reconnect effectively with target audiences.

Noble Ox helps organisations define and present themselves with confidence, integrity and humanity. 

Recent projects… with a little light trumpet

Recent projects include Soundhouse Choir, Scotland’s Gardens Scheme and The Surefoot Effect. In addition, a new communications role with Edinburgh’s Grassmarket Community Project is helping raise profile and boost income to support the essential work they do.

Given our own trumpet is a little reluctant to be blown, we’ve asked clients and others who know our work what they think of Noble Ox.

Soundhouse Choir - Noble Ox

Soundhouse Choir – an extra boost

Established in 2016, Soundhouse Choir is a big community choir attracting great numbers, audiences and acclaim. Post-pandemic, having felt the impact of Covid on live performance, choir leader Heather Macleod wanted to revisit and reboot the choir.

Working with Heather, we explored the origins, ethos and credentials of the choir. We defined its heart and soul, and what makes it special and unique within a busy choir landscape. Importantly, we also explored the motivations of people who join and/or want to collaborate with Soundhouse Choir.

Here’s what Heather had to say about Noble Ox,

‘I recently sought help from Noble Ox to focus on boosting my energy, particularly aimed at raising Soundhouse Choir numbers and spirit, after suffering the negative effects of covid on the act of singing.

‘With Charlotte’s expert and generous professional guidance, coupled with a valuable feeling of partnership, it was a very inspiring exercise which distilled down exactly who the choir is, what the choir does and what it stands for. It has instilled a confidence and clarity in terms of the choir’s ID to move forward with.

‘Now, equipped with a bucket load of language to work with, and numbers boosted, I would highly recommend the services of Noble Ox. It does what it says on the tin!’

Soundhouse Choir’s autumn term got off to a flying start, with a whole host of new members and the return of past members. Follow Soundhouse Choir’s progress.

Scotland's Gardens Scheme

Scotland’s Gardens Scheme – growing and giving

Founded in 1931 to raise funds for the Queen’s Nursing Institute Scotland, Scotland’s Gardens Scheme has been encouraging, promoting and supporting garden openings ever since. Every year, hundreds of private gardens, great and small, open for the public across Scotland. Garden openers welcome tens of thousands of visitors and raise hundreds of thousands of pounds for hundreds of charities.

Noble Ox founder, Charlotte Halliday, joined the board of Scotland’s Gardens Scheme in summer 2021, with a Marketing and Communications remit to help support the charity.

Chief Executive Liz Stewart was happy to share her thoughts,

‘I have had the pleasure of working with Charlotte in two particular areas of work. Firstly, we worked together on an audience development and branding project at the Edinburgh & Lothians Greenspace Trust some time ago and for the past year, she has been a Trustee of my current charity, Scotland’s Gardens Scheme, where she is our Marketing and Communications specialist.

‘In both settings, she has been a pleasure to work with and has brought a great deal of marketing experience which brings huge value, a clear sense of focus and is really practical about what is achievable and realistic, as well as bringing a strong creative element to bear.

‘She gets on with everyone and is a calm and positive influence in the room, always with a sensible and pragmatic approach but with a great sense of fun too. She understands and is committed to the charitable sector and adds tremendous value in her approach and is a very organised project manager. I feel very lucky to have her as a Trustee and know that her co-Trustees think highly of her. I wholeheartedly recommend her.’

Find out more about Scotland’s Gardens Scheme >>

The Surefoot Effect

The Surefoot Effect – your next step to sustainability

Since 2012, The Surefoot Effect has been helping communities, businesses and governments put sustainability and resilience at the heart of what they do. 

Surefoot works with people who want to achieve net zero, promote low-carbon living and build resilience. This trailblazing organisation recently commissioned Noble Ox to help support their services.

Founder Pamela Candea, was happy to to share her thoughts,

‘From the time 10 years ago that Noble Ox helped create the name The Surefoot Effect using their Brand DNA approach, I knew that I wanted to keep in touch with an organisation with such inherent integrity, a value central to our ethos.

‘In our work with other organisations, Surefoot has recommended Noble Ox to our clients. Recently we have engaged Noble Ox and we are pleased to report that new ways of looking at our services through the Ox’s eyes have increased our profile on social media and made the description of our offerings on our website clearer. Charlotte’s help with defining the marketing approach for two new projects has been insightful and supportive.’

Find out more about The Surefoot Effect >>

Refresh and reboot

More than ever, clear-thinking, confident decision-making and integrity are needed as you revisit the way your organisation communicates. The language you use and the look and feel of your presentation have a direct impact on your success.

Noble Ox helps organisations define, position and present themselves with confidence, integrity and humanity. In a nutshell, we want to work with people who want to change the world, deliver excellence and connect in a meaningful way.

Does this sound like you? If so, we’d love to hear from you.

Your next step

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