Clean industrial revolution with Futraheat

To accelerate the clean industrial revolution with cost-effective heat recovery.
An ambitious vision is essential when it comes to addressing the climate crisis. Ambitious but achievable, thanks to Futraheat. 

The opportunity for Noble Ox to help this pioneering new company define its name, brand vision, mission, credentials and market positioning, was one we relished. We then helped bring the Futraheat brand to life.

Clean industrial revolution with Futraheat

Futraheat and Noble Ox

For this project, Noble Ox was commissioned by Neil Davidson, an industry leader when it comes to low carbon communications. We had both worked on the Mocean Energy project as separate entities, but this was a welcome opportunity to work together. We were delighted when Neil approached us to collaborate.

The Noble Ox brief included:

  • Brand name and definition – to define a distinctive, confident and consistent tone of voice
  • Visual Identity – creation of strong, hard-working identity to reflect the new brand
  • Website scoping and keyword approach – to support the longer term digital strategy

There is always a challenge with the language of technology and industry R&D. How do we translate the concepts, science and engineering into meaningful words to engage and inspire target audiences, without losing the integrity of the technology itself?

We got stuck in using the Noble Ox tried and tested branding process. This includes an in depth client workshop and follow up, extensive desk research into the sector, then the painstaking drafting process.

The final brand definition paved the way for the rest of the project, including the creative design brief and digital approach. It was great to work with our long-term creative partners Frank Design on the logo and encompassing visual identity. Noble Ox project managed the design process whilst also carrying out the digital scoping, including the keyword research to inform the client’s longer term digital content strategy. 

We were really pleased to receive this great feedback from Neil,

“Working with Noble Ox has been really useful in helping start-up clients quickly and easily develop a clear brand identity. Charlotte’s straightforward approach simplifies the ‘brand definition’ process. She has been invaluable in helping clients create a strong, clear identity which can be rolled out using her expertise in website scoping and keywords to develop a strong digital presence.”

Futraheat and the clean industrial revolution

There is an urgent need for industry to drastically reduce its carbon emissions, most of which result directly from on-site heat generation. Futraheat is ready to revolutionise how industry’s heat demands are met by pioneering the global adoption of high temperature heat pumps with a new, clean turbo-compressor technology.

Futraheat’s ethos is as straightforward as its technology:

  • Develop the most cost-effective heat recovery products
  • Work with like-minded partners for global reach
  • Accelerate the clean industrial revolution

Here’s a quick insight into Futraheat and its technology.
As you can see, it is simple and revolutionary. Please do share the news!

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