Zoom Brand Workshops with Noble Ox

Noble Ox takes to the screen with our Zoom Brand Workshops. 
As you probably know, Noble Ox is very much the antidote to marketing consultants. We believe in humanising business and making life easier for our clients and their target audiences. Simple as that!

Zoom Brand Workshops with Noble Ox

The opportunity to work with startup ventures has always been a joy. Noble Ox loves to demystify the task of Branding for any business, new or established. We enjoy helping entrepreneurs bring their concepts to life in a way that truly reflects the ‘who, what, why and how.’ Importantly, we help explore and define these essentials to make it easier to engage with others, effectively and with integrity.

We also believe like attracts like. So, thankfully, most new business comes our way through recommendation.

Zoom Brand Workshop for Edinburgh Business School

This summer, a happy ECCI Brand Workshop attendee from a couple of years ago recommended Noble Ox. From there, Kallum Russell, Edinburgh Business School Incubator Manager, approached us to host a 2 hour Zoom Seminar for his students.

My first request was to change the name from Seminar to Workshop. I was keen to ensure the session was as interactive as possible and not two hours of yours truly ‘centre screen’ with my lockdown hair!

In a nutshell, I took the Brand Workshop that I’ve used and fine tuned over the years and adapted it to Zoom. It went really well.

I had a great response to the initial icebreaker, and then the short, sweet presentation I screen-shared to set the scene. The following breakout session in pairs worked well too. I was really pleased with the ground that had been covered, when we came back together to feedback progress made.

Yes, but how was it for them?

It was a great group to work with, they really did engage with the process. I had a good feeling about the way it had gone. But how was it for them? I was delighted when I received individual emails from the group taking me up on the 1-2-1 mentoring follow up.

A couple of days later, I received the students’ official post-workshop feedback:

“Many thanks for your session  –  it was excellent.”
“A well-organised workshop with clear instructions and tool to follow.”

“The 1-2-1 break out was great, with very good leading questions.”
“The Noble Ox session was very accessible and insightful – it certainly sparked A LOT of thoughts for me.”
“Thanks for the excellent seminar– it was indeed helpful in helping define the idea around my brand.”
“I haven’t incorporated my company yet, but it will definitely give me a clear direction right at the very start.”

Edinburgh Business School Incubator Manager, Kallum Russell, was also happy to feedback:

“Charlotte’s knowledge of branding is only matched by her genuine warmth and enthusiasm for helping others. She is really passionate about helping those she works with to: simplify their messaging, articulate the offering and put being human at the heart of everything they do. This may sound obvious and simple. However, it can very difficult to do in practice! Too many businesses hide behind jargon, corporate-speak and being “professional”.

“Charlotte shared her insights and the Noble Ox framework to help the Incubees develop brands for their own businesses, during a very interactive workshop.

“I have no hesitation in recommending Noble Ox and I look forward to working with Charlotte again”.

Reset with a Zoom Brand Workshop

2020 is a year like no other and whether your business is starting out or well established, the likelihood is you are also re-visiting aspects of the ‘who, what, why and how.’

The beauty of the Noble Ox Workshop approach is that it brings people together and it works. It works within any business or organisation, an ideal way to facilitate discussion, unite your team, review where you’re at and define the way forward. Equally, it works well as part of a business incubation programme.

Your next step

Simply get in touch with Noble Ox to discuss how this approach can help make life easier.

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