A collective romp

A few months ago a client bought me this coaster as a gift.  We’d stumbled upon a shared love of nature, language and collective nouns during a marketing project meeting a couple of weeks earlier.  For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to see a wild otter.  So my heart leapt when my birthday present this year was a day’s otter safari.  Mission accomplished!

a collective romp with Noble Ox Marketing

A romp, a murder and a prickle

All of the above has inspired this month’s Noble Oxtale, so please take a minute to join us for a light-hearted and collective romp! Most of us appreciate the wordplay of collective nouns, especially when it comes to nature: a romp of otters, a murder of crows, a prickle of hedgehogs and a business of ferrets.  Yes, it really is a business of ferrets!  But what about the language of business itself?  Once again, it’s predictably dull.  

A collective romp through the language of business

With tongue firmly in cheek, we’ve had a go.

  • a charm of sellers
  • a pride of producers
  • a top dog of directors
  • a bottom line of accountants
  • a balance of bookkeepers
  • a (merry!) brand of marketers
  • a draft of copywriters
  • a hook of publicists
  • a concept of designers
  • a platform of developers
  • a coach of trainers
  • a train of coaches
  • a jargon of consultants!

What do you think? All suggestions most welcome, the more imaginative the better.

Noble OxenA team of Noble Oxen

As for Oxen, noble or otherwise, there’s a collection of collective nouns!  So take your pick from a drove, a yoke, a herd, a span and a team of oxen. Look forward to your thoughts!

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